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Portable Pocket Massager wi...

Product information:

Experience the Portable Massager designed for muscle relaxation with 6 modes and 16 intensities. Target soreness and tension in shoulders, waist, back, neck, arms and legs caused by exercise or daily activities.

It comes with 4 function buttons and adjusting the settings takes less than 10 seconds. Simply select your desired mode and intensity for a customized massage experience. The massage pad includes a 15-minute auto-off feature, ensuring safe usage, especially for the elderly.

Equipped with an upgraded battery, one full charge provides up to 4 hours of use. Our quick charge technology replenishes power in just 1-2 hours, offering 7 days of operation. 

Its pocket-sized design allows for convenient use at home, during fitness routines, travel, or outdoor activities.

Enjoy long lasting performance with the upgraded pads featuring industry-leading adhesive. 

Suitable for various body parts, these pads offer superior self-stick performance and are easy to cleanup, extending their lifespan up to 150 uses.

Packing list:

Massager machine 

Charging cable 


Host x 2pc 

Patch x 2pc



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