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Educational Magnetic DIY Bu...

Product information

Unlock your child's creativity and stimulate brain development with our Magnetic Building Blocks and Tiles set. As they play, your little one will effortlessly create 3D geometric figures, intuitively grasping the principles of magnets through hands-on exploration.

Featuring updated, powerful magnets that are 4 times stronger, this set ensures optimal sticking, enabling the construction of larger and more intricate figures and structures.

Crafted from certified high-quality materials, including non-toxic and durable ABS plastic, our building blocks prioritize safety without compromising on durability. With rounded edge designs, there's no need to worry about your child's delicate hands getting hurt during playtime.

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5-10 Working Day

Returns Policy:

Eligible for refunds withing 30 Days of receiving the products.

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Blocks and Manual


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